Welcome to The Greatest Show on Earth!

About the Ball

Come one, come all - the best night of the year is finally here!

The Peet Op Shop Ball is the premier fundraising event for Anglicare WA. Unlike any other, the Ball is a night of nights with a twist!

Coming into its ninth year, The Op Shop Ball is unique with its unashamedly bright, fun and outrageous approach.

The Cause

Proceeds from The Peet Op Shop Ball for Anglicare WA support a new initiative every year through the Suitcase of Hope program. As well as providing funds to support the delivery of its important community services.

About Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is a not for profit community services agency; we work together with people, families and their communities to enhance their abilities to cope with the challenges of life and relationships. Anglicare WA provides 70 services from 60 locations across the state, from as far north as Kununurra to as far south as Albany. In the past year we assisted over 37,000 Western Australians.

Our services fall within six areas: 

  • Relationships - we work with individuals and families to build resilient relationships
  • Finances - we work with people in times of financials crisis to deal with immediate needs and plan for sustainable future
  • Housing - we work with people to secure affordable, stable and appropriate homes
  • Youth - we connect young people to the services they need to cope with life challenges
  • Community - we help people to connect with their communities and work together to make them the best places they can be
  • Training - we provide the best level of training to our staff and to the wider community

We rely on the generous support of the community to continue to offer these services.

For more information about Anglicare WA and the services we provide, please visit  www.anglicarewa.org.au.

Thank you for supporting The Peet Op Shop Ball for Anglicare WA.